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Cloudee Beta Floats Boxee Into Cloud Storage and Video Sharing

For quite some time Boxee has been been making waves in the media center sector, but it appears that the company is ready to tackle and different space. Available in beta form and only on the iPhone and iPod Touch, Cloudee offers users unlimited cloud storage space and the ability to upload and share videos. The main difference here is Cloudee’s social network-like features, which allows its users to keep videos within their limited circle of contacts. It reminds us a lot of Instagam, only for video. In addition to being able to privately share your videos, Cloudee also allows its users to organize and combine content into video collections. If you’re currently sporting an eligible device and are looking to add another cloud storage solution to your repertoire, then head on over to the source link to sign up.

[via: Cloudee]


Mark Hearn

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