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Google Pays Over $10m For 50+ Domains, Including .lol

by Adriana Lee | June 3, 2012June 3, 2012 2:00 pm PST

Lol domain

With “lol” now part of the modern human lexicon, it was only a matter of time before someone tried to put a hand on “.lol” as a domain. That someone is Google, which has been on something of a Web domain shopping spree: The search giant has applied to ICANN to become master of more than 50 top-level domains, such as .lol, .docs, .google and .youtube, at $185,000 each.

ICANN wants to expand the number of top-level domains from the current 28, and has received more than 1,900 applications. Good timing for Google, which is “just beginning to explore this potential source of innovation on the web,” wrote its “chief Internet evangelist” Vint Cerf in a blog post recently. “By opening up more choices for Internet domain names, we hope people will find options for more diverse—and perhaps shorter—signposts in cyberspace.” The company figures .lol has “interesting and creative potential.”

What do you think the .lol domain could be used for? Go ahead and get interesting and creative in the comments.

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