It Only Takes Apple Five Days to Turnover Retail Inventory

by Brandon Russell | June 2, 2012

It only takes an Apple retail store five days — 120 hours, a work/school week, etc. — to turnover its inventory. According to VentureBeat, that kind of utilization bests companies like Amazon, Dell and P&G. In fact, Apple’s impressive retail success is reaching the same league as food chain McDonalds. Yes, that’s how insanely huge the Cupertino company has become.

The information, which comes from Gartner’s 2012 Supply Chain Top 25 study, suggests that Apple restocks its shelves 74 times a year. Dell, on the other hand, restocks 35 times, while Amazon turns its inventory 10 times. But folks still apparently don’t love iPads or iPhones as much as Big Macs; the fast food chain turns over its inventory 142 times a year, just to give you some perspective.

How much of Apple’s products will people consume in 2012? The company is gearing up to introduce (we think) some exciting hardware (MacBook Pro refresh) and software (OS X Mountain Lion, iOS 6) at its WWDC this month, meaning the current turnover rate could get even lower. Judging from its most recent earnings call, which saw Apple sell 35.1 million iPhones and 11.8 million iPads, we wouldn’t put it past the company to hover near the level of McDonalds.

[via VentureBeat]


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