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Court Sides with RIM, Rules BBM Moniker Does Not Infringe on Trademarks

by Todd Haselton | June 1, 2012June 1, 2012 3:30 pm PST

RIM Sign

A Canadian court has granted Research In Motion the right to use the “BBM” name. The company came under fire from another firm named Bureau of Broadcast Management Canada (BBM Canada), which argued that it owned the trademark. Clearly, most people know BBM as RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger service, however, so we’re not surprised by the court’s decision to rule that RIM was not infringing on a trademark — especially since the two companies are completely unrelated in the eyes of consumers. “We are pleased that the Federal Court of Canada sided with RIM and confirmed that RIM’s use of BBM does not infringe the trademark rights of BBM Canada as they had alleged,” RIM said in a statement obtained by Reuters.

[via Reuters]

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