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Microsoft Office Expected to Arrive on iPad on November 10

Microsoft Office on iPad

Despite a February report that claimed Microsoft Office for the iPad would arrive “within weeks,” sources for The Daily have now revealed that the long-awaited productivity suite will be hitting the App Store on November 10 instead. It is believed that the company’s development team has already completed its work on the project, and that it is now being tested for usability:

We’ve learned that the development team within Office Mobile finished its work on the project last month, and the efforts of the design group wrapped soon after. The app is  now in the hands of a usability team that appraises software that utilizes the Metro design language for “Metro compliance” and suggests changes as needed. When approved by the team, the app likely will go to Apple for app store approval, which could take a couple of weeks.

It sounds promising, especially if you’re a diehard Word and Excel user. But the fact that it was also The Daily who claimed back in February that Office would hit the iPad “within weeks” has cast some doubt over the latest report. February’s report also claimed that Microsoft is not working on an Android version of the app, while the latest says an Android app is in the works and that it’ll likely launch alongside the iOS version.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the first time a piece of software has been delayed, so it’s certainly plausible that the release has been pushed back to November. And those shots of Office running on the iPad certainly suggest that the software is on its way. We’re definitely not going to dismiss the latest claims, then. But unfortunately we won’t be able to get excited about Office for iPad until it actually hits the App Store, or it is confirmed by Microsoft itself.

Do you think the iPad needs Microsoft Office with all the existing solutions in the App Store?

[via The Daily]

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