Google Play Store Now Selling Galaxy Nexus Accessories

Whether you’re a Verizon customer that’s had the Galaxy Nexus since its stateside launch nearly six months ago or a Sprint customer with a few weeks under your belt, you’ve probably wanted to accessorize your beloved smartphone. Sometimes authentic mobile accessories are hard to come by and the thought of tainting your pure Google handset with generic knockoffs just sounds wrong.

Galaxy Nexus owners worry not! Your cries have not fallen on deaf ears. In addition to selling the Galaxy Nexus itself, Google’s Play Store now offers authentic accessories to U.S. customers. Currently available are a Vehicle Dock ($54), an HDMI Portrait Desktop Dock ($49) and the Desktop Dock with Pogo Pin ($54). Hopefully this newfound focus on selling additional hardware online will carry over to the company’s next wave of Nexus devices, one of which we expected to see at Google I/O.

[via: Google Play Store]

Mark Hearn

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