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Xbox Website, Marketplace, Cloud Storage are Down (UPDATED X 6)

As of this morning (as I strapped in to download the new Harley Quinn DLC for Batman: Arkham City), the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, and Xbox Cloud Storage services are all down. Xbox LIVE itself appears to be up and running, however, as I’ve been able to browse content and my friends list from my console.

When attempting to purchase an item by way of the console, users are greeted with an error that reads like so:

There’s a problem with Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Please try again later.

Status code: 80070428

The Xbox support team won’t be in their offices for another hour. Once any news comes or the service returns, we’ll be sure to update this story.

UPDATE (8:41am EST): When cruising to right this very second, this is the error screen produced in browsers. Click the picture to enlarge it. Scary.

UPDATE (8:57am EST): App functionality is down on the Xbox console.  Netflix, HBO Go and other similar programs are not available for use. Xbox LIVE remains up, however.

UPDATE (9:20am EST): @XboxSupport is being pinged by a slew of Twitter users. Each user reports the same errors we’ve been experiencing this morning. The Support team is officially “in the office,” so hopefully the issue will be resolved soon.

UPDATE (9:42am EST): Xbox support suggests clearing the console’s cache and trying again. We did so and are still receiving the same error code written above.

UPDATE (10:55am EST): The issues have not been resolved yet. Xbox Support recommends clearing console cache, deleting browser cookies and resetting network hardware. We’ve tried each fix, nothing has worked.

UPDATE (11:45am EST): Xbox Support is aware of the issue and working on a fix. The fix has gone live for several users (myself included). Head to the Xbox LIVE Service Status page for more.

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