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Several New Motorola Devices Outed in Leaked Roadmap

Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility doesn’t seem to be slowing the company’s plans to release multiple devices. A report has revealed that the phone maker has several new handsets in its pipeline. For starters, the Motorola Vanquish, also known as the DROID RAZR HD, is on the list. This LTE handset is said to be bound for Verizon under model number XT926. Other markets such as China are said to carry model number XT922 and XT980, and the device will be known as the XT923 globally.

Not being left out of the LTE party, AT&T can expect the Motorola Asanti, which will carry the model number of XT898, as well as XT897 and XT896 in other markets. This unreleased device is said to feature a QWERTY keyboard and qHD display. The Asanti will reportedly be similar to Verizon’s DROID 4 and will be accompanied by the candybar-style LTE-equipped Motorola Dinara MB886.

Last up on this big reveal is the Motorola Primus XT621 and Motorola Yangtze (XT881, XT885, XT886, XT889 and MT887), with the latter of the Yangtze’s listing said to be introduced to China as the RAZR V. Not just playing up to the big two, Sprint will allegedly launch the PHOTON Q 4G LTE sometime later this year.

[via: PocketNow]

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