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More Photos Leak of the New iPhone’s Alleged Back Panel

by Brandon Russell | May 29, 2012May 29, 2012 10:45 am PST

new iPhone back plateMore alleged (high-res) photos have leaked of the new iPhone’s back plate and, yes, that strange two-tone color combination is still present. Ugh, two-tone? It looks like something from an 80s movie trying to pretend it’s the year 2000. Actually, the black metal (instead of silver) surrounding the black version looks pretty slick.

Aside from the obvious aluminum back, the design looks similar to what we’re familiar with now in the iPhone 4/4S. Many people have complained about how fragile the glass back is on the current devices, and it appears Apple has listened by addressing the issue. 9to5Mac got their hands on shots comparing both the white and black versions, which show plenty more than just different build materials.

First: The earphone jack has been moved from the top left to the bottom right. That’s a pretty significant change, as this is the first time Apple has done this on one of its smartphones. Second: The smaller dock connector is present, which has been rumored about for a while. Third: The speaker grills have been overhauled, and there’s now a small opening, possibly for a microphone, between the camera lens and the LED flash.

In addition to the back, 9to5Mac received photos of a part for the front which, according to a source, is longer but the same width, as many rumors have suggested, and will reportedly sport a resolution of 1136×640. The FaceTime camera has also been moved to the center, just above the device’s earpiece.

How long before this device winds up in a Redwood City bar? Let’s remember that these are alleged photos of Apple’s next-gen iPhone, and may not be indicative of the final design. But with WWDC just a few weeks away, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple announce the device that looks identical, or very similar, to what’s above. That is, if the Cupertino company does announce the new iPhone at WWDC.

June 11, June 11, June 11. Sorry, we’re counting down the days.

[via 9to5 Mac]

new iPhone front glass and front part

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