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Apple CEO Tim Cook: Patent Wars Are A “Pain In The Ass”

by Todd Haselton | May 29, 2012May 29, 2012 6:12 pm PST

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook is on stage at the D10 conference in California speaking with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher from AllThingsD. Mossberg and Kara asked Tim Cook what he specifically thought about the ongoing patent wars — Apple is currently fighting several companies including HTC and Samsung. When asked whether the patent wars hurt innovation Cook answered “Well, it’s a pain in the ass.” He didn’t stop there.

“It’s important that Apple not be the developer for the world,” he added, which is a similar statement to what Apple has said in the past. “We can’t take all of our energy, and all of our care, and finish the painting and have someone else put their name on it… We just want people to develop their own stuff and not rip us off.” Despite Cook’s opinions, Apple and Samsung failed to reach an agreement, to end a current patent infringement, suit on May 23rd.

As for his overall feelings on patent lawsuits, “It’s a waste, it’s a time suck. Does it stop innovation? It’s not going to stop us from innovating. But it’s overhead, and if we could find a way to settle this…”

Quick change of pace while we’re at it, here: We should note that Tim Cook also said that the company is still in the “first inning” with the iPad, which suggests there’s much more to come along those lines. An iPad mini, maybe?


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