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Facebook Allegedly Looking to Buy Opera to Create its Own Web Browser

Recently ponying up $1 billion to buy Instagram and finally going public, Facebook seems to have a lot going on. The latest rumor surrounding the apex social network is that it may be looking to get into the web browsing business. In addition to this claim, the going word is that the house that Zuckerberg built could be looking to buy Opera Software, which has established browsers in both the mobile and desktop markets.

The focus of this alleged acquisition is said to be building a social centric web browser which would seamlessly allow users to stay in the know while cruising the web. Opera claims to have around 200 million users between both its mobile and desktop browser. If Facebook is looking to get into the web surfing business, these numbers sound like a decent starting point, because between Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari and now Yahoo there will be plenty of competition fighting for supremacy.

[via: Pocket-lint]

Mark Hearn

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