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Apple’s App Store Gets New ‘Free App of the Week’ and ‘Editors’ Choice’ Promotions

Apple appears to have introduced a new “Free App of the Week” promotion to its App Store, offering up a different iOS title each week that won’t cost you a penny. This week’s choice is Cut the Rope: Experiments, which is free on both iPhone and iPad.

Users noticed the new promotion when the App Store’s official Twitter account sent out the following message:

Cut the Rope: Experiments is our #FreeAppoftheWeek. Go to the App Store for your free download.

What’s unclear is whether this promotion is simply a one-off, or whether it will continue to run. Although Apple’s Twitter message calls it the “Free App of the Week,” on the app’s description page the banner reads only “App of the Week,” leading some to question whether Cut the Rope: Experiments is simply part of its regular App of the Week feature and just happened to be free for a limited time anyway.

However, Apple traditionally picks recent titles for its usual App of the Week promotion, so it certainly looks like this is a new offer.

In addition to this, Apple has made one other change to the App Store. The “Staff Favorites” sections that includes a selection of recent iOS titles that Apple staffers feel are worth taking a look at has now been renamed “Editors’ Choice.” And there seems to be a lot more focus on this category, too, with chosen apps now featured in the scrolling banner that sits at the top of the App Store both within iTunes on a computer, and on iOS devices.

This week’s selection includes the new Facebook Camera app, Chillingo’s new Air Mail game, and Miniclip’s Extreme Skater HD.

I’m certainly happy to see Apple’s new “Free App of the Week” promotion (if it sticks around!) and it’s something I’ve been hoping we’d see for some time. What do you think to the App Store’s latest changes?

[via TouchArcade]

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