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NVIDIA Exec: Project Grey with New Icera 500 LTE Modem and Tegra 3 Landing in 2013

Nvidia Tegra 3 Logo

Earlier this morning NVIDIA said its Icera 410 4G LTE modem has been certified for use on AT&T’s network and now, during a conference call with investors, NVIDIA’s manager of its mobile business unit Mike Rayfield discussed NVIDIA’s future through 2014.

First, he re-confirmed that Tegra 3 quad-core devices will launch in North America later this year with Icera 410 4G LTE technology. Quad-core 4G LTE devices will launch next year with NVIDIA’s own 4G LTE connectivity on board, Rayfield said. It’s easy to assume AT&T will offer those devices, but Rayfield didn’t come out and say that specifically that.

Rayfield also said that NVIDIA has “learned a huge amount” about building tablets and that it’s now time to build an “amazing device” at $199 as part of project Kai, which we’ve already reported on. NVIDIA is working with other hardware suppliers and tablet makers to create an “interesting bundle of parts” with a functionality that “used to be only found in a $400 or $500 tablet.” Rayfield said NVIDIA is the only chipmaker that currently supports DDR3L memory, too, which means manufacturers have more choice when it comes to memory selection. The first devices are expected to land this summer.

Grey is where we integrate Tegra and Icera technology together,” Rayfield said. “That allows us to go off and touch a market that we haven’t been able to touch before.” NVIDIA will cover the low-end market all the way up through “super phones.” Grey will combine NVIDIA’s upcoming Icera i500 chip (today it uses the Icera 410) with its Tegra platform. Grey is, essentially, a one-stop solution.  “The i500 devices will be in the market in the next year or so and Grey in the market just following that.”

NVIDIA’s tablet strategy also includes Windows RT. It will provide Tegra 3 in a Windows RT based device that will offer days of battery life and the performance we’ve come to expect from Tegra 3.


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