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Apple Allegedly Testing Two New iPhones With 3.95-inch 1336 x 640 Resolution Displays

iPhone 5 Blurred Phone

Apple is allegedly testing two new iPhones in its Cupertino headquarters, both of which sport a 3.95-inch display with a sharp 1336 x 640-pixel resolution. The company will ultimately choose to launch just one of the new iPhones, which are currently dubbed the N41AP and N42AP.

9to5Mac said that both devices are currently in the “PreEVT” stage of development and that Apple is adding an extra 176 pixels to the length of the display while maintaining its 1.94-inch width. The change would allow iPhone 5 users to play 16:9 videos in full screen, 9to5Mac explained, and Apple also has plans to tweak the homescreen thanks to the added room the additional pixels will provide.

The company’s planned iOS 6 update will reportedly include support for five rows of icons (versus the four that are currently available above the static dock) and a new interface for viewing more content. Both prototypes reportedly have a home button and a smaller dock connector that’s said to be “narrower” than the dock connector Apple currently employs.

9to5Mac seems to have plenty of details in its report, but it does conflict with two separate stories from The Wall Street Journal and Reuters that said Apple’s iPhone 5 will offer a display that measures “at least” 4-inches in size.

[via 9to5Mac]

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