Chrome Surpasses Internet Explorer as Most Used Web Browser

StatCounter Chrome Internet ExplorerMicrosoft’s Internet Explorer has long remained the top Web browser on the market, but it seems its glory days are long gone. According to StatCounter, a digital analytics site, Google Chrome pulled in 31.88 percent of the world’s Web traffic last week, making it the most popular browser available. IE barely trailed behind with 31.47 percent, but that’s a far cry from where it stood in 2011, hovering over the 40 percent mark.

It’s worth noting that measuring this kind of traffic typically produces indefinite results. StatCounter measured page-view data on 3 million websites, so that doesn’t definitively mean Chrome is the undisputed winner across the world. NetMarketShare currently puts IE at 54.09 percent, while Chrome sits at just 19 percent. So, you know, imprecise, like I said.

Rounding out StatCounter’s top five was Firefox, which seems to be enduring a lengthy decline,  Safari and Opera. If the results hold firm, Google Chrome will have overtaken the market as the number one Web browser in just three short years, which is mighty impressive considering others have been around for much longer.

[via Lifehacker, StatCounter]

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