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Steve Jobs Bio Movie Won’t be a “Cradle-to-Grave” Journey, Says Sorkin

by Sean P. Aune | May 18, 2012May 18, 2012 7:00 am PST

When the official Steve Jobs biography hits the big screen, Aaron Sorkin is promising it won’t just be a paint-by-numbers biography film.

It was announced earlier this week that award-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin will be handling the script duties on the official Steve Jobs biography.  Although he has yet to begin writing, he did some time during a press event for his new series Newsroom to discuss his plans for the project.  According to Reuters, he said, “I know so little about what I am going to write. I know what I am not going to write. It can’t be a straight ahead biography because it’s very difficult to shake the cradle-to-grave structure of a biography.”  He went on to add, “Drama is tension versus obstacle. Someone wants something, something is standing in their way of getting it. They want the money, they want the girl, they want to get to Philadelphia – doesn’t matter … And I need to find that event and I will. I just don’t know what it is.”

In other news related to the project, Steve Wozniak has been hired on as a consultant to the film to assist Sorkin on the technical aspects of computers as well as to help Sorkin get to know Jobs a little bit better through someone that was there in the early days.

No target release date for the film based on the Walter Isaacson book has been announced as of yet, but the competing film starring Ashton Kutcher is due next year.

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