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Siri: iPhone Is Best Smartphone; Nokia Bites Back

by Mark Hearn | May 15, 2012May 15, 2012 10:00 am PDT

Apple Siri

On today’s episode of Siri Says: Nokia is upset over Apple’s recent change to Siri. For those of you keeping score, this all started last week when it was revealed that, when asked “what’s the best smartphone ever?” the iPhone 4S’ digital assistant Siri provided results for Nokia’s Lumia 900. Much to the delight of Nokia and Windows Phone enthusiasts, the response quickly became front page news on tech sites across the web.

Likely embarrassed by this discovery, Apple quickly rolled out a silent patch to Siri’s software, which stonewalled the question of the best smartphone with pre-scripted answers such as “You’re kidding, right?” and “Wait… there are other phones?” Siri’s recent change of heart has ruffled a few of Nokia’s feathers. “Apple position[s] Siri as the intelligent system that’s there to help, but clearly if they don’t like the answer, they override the software,” Nokia spokeswoman Tracey Postill told the Sydney Morning Herald.

A majority of Siri’s answers are pulled from the search engine Wolfram Alpha, which in this case based its results off of reviews from Best Buy’s website. Siri is still billed as a “beta” project, so it’s no surprise that there have been changes to the voice engine’s functionality, but labeling the competition as “better” is a no-no in any company’s circle. When contacted by BBC about Ms. Postill’s comments, Nokia stated they were “lighthearted” and “taken out of context.”

[via: BBC]

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