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Groupon, The Sitcom, Coming Soon

by Adriana Lee | May 15, 2012May 15, 2012 8:00 am PST

CBS has picked up a new series titled Friend Me, which may sound like a comedy series based on Facebook, but actually centers around another popular online service — Groupon.

Next season, the masses will get to know BFFs Evan (Superbad’s Christopher Mintz-Plasse) and Rob (Red State’s Nicholas Braun) as they move from Bloomington, IN to the City of Angels for their new gigs at Groupon. The bromance gets a little challenged, however, as Evan would rather go home and play online poker with Indiana pals than meet new people or hang after work. But this doesn’t suit Rob, who makes it his mission to drag Evan out for some social and decidedly-not online fun. So it’s a like a modern take on The Odd Couple, but with young guys working in tech.

Last January, Groupon stated it had nothing to do with the pilot, but it must be thrilled about this primo bit of product placement, despite the fact that some liberties were taken. (Groupon is not headquartered in L.A., but Chicago.) Of course, that could change depending on how the show positions the company in the scripts. If Evan and Rob are seen trying to hock sleazy massages or questionable merchants, all bets are probably off.

Think it stands a chance of being nay good? Would you want to watch a couple of twenty-somethings as they make their way in the crazy world of technology, life, love and real-life social encounters? Weigh in.

[via Vanity Fair]


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