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Twitter? Yawn: Study Says Only 36% of Tweets Are Worth Reading

by Adriana Lee | May 14, 2012May 14, 2012 9:00 pm PST

According to a recent study in the Harvard Business Review, the Twitterverse is full of some big, dull duds.

The study had 1,443 users rate 43,738 Tweets. The ones that scored well were funny or exciting to the participants, shared interesting info or asked questions. They even still viewed self-promoting messages as worthwhile, if they included links.

After parsing all those messages, the participants came up with some eye-opening (and yet unsurprising) results: Only 33 percent of all Tweets are actually interesting or worth reading. That leaves roughly two-thirds being snoozers. That’s no small potatoes, when you consider there are half a billion registered users dishing out about 175 million tweets daily.

Well, maybe the word “snoozers” is a bit harsh. Aside from the 36 percent of Tweets that are considered interesting, another 39 percent are described as “just OK.” But the remaining quarter — these were the lamest of the lame. They included opinions or complaints (unless there was useful info or links), chats with other users, or pointless messages (i.e., “Good morning!” or “Chinese for lunch again”).

The takeaway here is, if you’re going to Tweet, make it worthwhile for followers by being entertaining or informative. Or, if nothing else, just remember that no one else cares what you’re having for lunch. If this is the only thing people take from this study, then the effort of sharing it is totally worth it.

[via Harvard Business Review]


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