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T-Mobile to Update HTC Sensation 4G to Android 4.0 May 16, Amaze 4G in the Coming Weeks

T-Mobile USA has added two updates to its support page, which have revealed the carrier’s plans to update two of its top-shelf Android handsets to Ice Cream Sandwich. Starting on May 16th, HTC Sensation 4G owners will have the option to update their device via their phone’s settings. In addition to bringing the Sensation 4G to the latest version of Android, the software bump will also add a few performance fixes. The process is expected to take about 20 minutes over T-Mobile’s network, so Wi-Fi is definitely recommended.

T-Mobile also announced that the Amaze 4G will receive Android 4.0 in the coming weeks. The update will come in the form of an over-the-air push, but Amaze 4G owners will also have the option to perform a manual update, so you may want to start checking for updates in the near future.

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