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Samsung Galaxy S III Gets Priced by T-Mobile U.K.

Samsung-Galaxy-S-III-on-back-3Samsung’s long-awaited Galaxy S III is already available to pre-order on O2, Orange, and Vodafone. But for those of you who would prefer to bag the handset on T-Mobile, you can pre-register for updates from today.

That’s a little different to pre-ordering, of course, because you won’t actually be guaranteeing yourself a handset. Instead, T-Mobile will just let you know when you can order one for the Galaxy S III’s May 30 launch. But the carrier has announced one (yes, just one!) price plan for the handset.

That’s the “Full Monty” plan, which will cost you £36 (approx. $58) per month for 2,000 minutes to any network, anytime; unlimited texts; and unlimited data. On this plan, however, you will have to pay an up-front free of £49.99 (approx. $80) for the handset.

There’s likely to be a more expensive plan that’ll allow you to get the Galaxy S III itself for free, but again, that’s the only one T-Mobile has announced at this stage. But if you’re willing to pay the up-front fee, we must say, that Full Monty plan doesn’t look like a bad one at all.

Will you get the Galaxy S III on T-Mobile?

[via Android Central]

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