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Amazon Reportedly Planning to Release a Front-Lit Kindle in July

by Mark Hearn | May 14, 2012May 14, 2012 4:30 pm PST

Amazon is reportedly working on a new front-lit Kindle e-reader, which the company plans to release in July. The unannounced device is said to feature an E ink display, Reuters said Monday, and will carry a price tag close to Amazon’s existing Kindle e-reader. Amazon’s Kindle has become a very popular item among consumers but readers currently have to use a third-party lighting system to use it in the dark.

The idea of a front-lit Kindle isn’t too far fetched. A slight decline in battery life could be a possible consumer trade-off if, however. It’s possible that the current Kindle will see a price reduction, should Amazon launch a new front-lit device, which could Amazon maintain the device’s current success.

While Barnes & Noble has already released a front-lit e-reader, Amazon’s new device will reportedly offer unique features of its own, such as 3G connectivity. Hopefully we’ll hear something soon from Amazon about its bright idea.

[via: Reuters]

Mark Hearn

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