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Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Bests the iPad as Most Popular Non-PC Video Player

xbox-ipad-video-freewheelMicrosoft’s Xbox 360 is apparently dominating U.S. living rooms as the most popular non-PC Web video player — but there’s a catch. Data collected by Freewheel, an online video ad company, suggests the gaming console is even besting the iPad — other devices include the iPhone, Android tablets and smartphones, and the iPod Touch.

According to AllThingsD, Freewheel only measures ads that run with “professional content,” meaning only programming from companies like NBC, CBS, ESPN and Vevo. Notice any big names not included on the list? Freewheel does not measure Netflix, which would certainly add to the tally for tablets.

Microsoft recently claimed Xbox users were spending more time watching content than playing games. Freewheel’s data, although limited, seems to corroborate the Redmond company’s claim. At the very least, it shows how gaming consoles have evolved into more of a entertainment hotshot, and less one-trick pony.

[via All Things D]

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