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FBI Warns: New Malware Threat Targets Travelers, Infects Via Hotel Wi-Fi

There’s apparently a new data security threat lurking out there for travelers. The FBI warns that this latest malware poses as a legitimate-looking software update that appears while connected to hotel Wi-Fi. But this is actually a phony packing malicious code.

This certainly isn’t the only malware affecting hotels. Last month, a software engineer noticed something fishy while he was staying a U.S. Marriott. Code was being injected into websites that were visited using the hotel’s Wi-Fi, presumably to dish up third-party ads. Marriott, however, had no idea that was going on.

According to the FBI, incidences of travelers’ laptops getting infected while hooked onto hotel internet is rising. So what can you do to protect yourself? The FBI offers the following tips:

  • Perform all software updates before your trip.
  • If you’re prompted to update anything, look at the author or digital certificate and make sure that it matches the appropriate software vendor.
  • Even if you believe the update is genuine, if you’re traveling, just download it directly from the vendor’s site.

In general, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Unless it’s a crucial update, just stick to downloading it when you’re on a trusted network, like your home or office Wi-Fi.

Have you ever gotten infected by malware when you were away from home? What happened in your instance, and how did you discover it?

[via Forbes]

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