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Apple Offers Proview a Settlement, Say Reports

by Sean P. Aune | May 10, 2012May 10, 2012 1:00 pm PST

iPad 2 Trademark in China

It seems some movement may finally be happening over in China over who owns the iPad trademark, but it may not be to Apple’s liking.

The endless saga over Proview suing Apple over ownership of the iPad trademark has been a lengthy affair, but a glimmer of hope arose last month when it was leaked that the two companies might be trying to reach a settlement.  According to The Next Web, a source close to the discussions has revealed that Apple has offered a $16 million dollar pay out, but supposedly Proview is holding out to closer to $400 million.

As anyone who has followed this tale knows, Proview is bankrupt, and it has multiple creditors looking to get paid back.  The $400 million just happens to be a number that would handle paying off all of those creditors.  Isn’t that convenient?  Considering the case was even paused for a little while as Proview fought off calls for liquidation by one of its creditors, it just seems ever so handy this is going on right now.

No word as of yet as to how Apple reacted to the $400 million dollar price tag.

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