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55,000+ Twitter Accounts Hacked, How To Tell If Yours Was Among Them

Thanks to a tip from a hacker dubbed “Airdemon,” we now know that a massive list of 55,000+ Twitter usernames and passwords were dumped onto Pastebin. Who was responsible for this or why/how they did it, however, still isn’t known at this time.

Twitter told CNET that it sent out password updates to the affected accounts, but also noted that many of the accounts are dupes or spam bots that have already been sniffed out and squelched:

“We are currently looking into the situation. In the meantime, we have pushed out password resets to accounts that may have been affected. For those who are concerned that their account may have been compromised, we suggest resetting your passwords and more in our Help Center.

It’s worth noting that, so far, we’ve discovered that the list of alleged accounts and passwords found on Pastebin consists of more than 20,000 duplicates, many spam accounts that have already been suspended, and many log-in credentials that do not appear to be linked (that is, the password and username are not actually associated with each other)”

By now, you’d probably know if your account was compromised, but if you want to check anyway, there’s actually a handy tool for that.

Was yours one of the affected accounts? Or have you noticed any weirdness from others in the Twitterverse recently?

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