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Microsoft Announces $99 Subscription-Based Xbox 360 With Two-Year Contract

by Killian Bell | May 9, 2012May 9, 2012 4:00 am PST

Don’t like the idea of finding hundreds of dollars to pay for an Xbox 360 up-front? Well, how about getting one on subscription? That’s right — you can now purchase an Xbox 360 on a two-year subscription deal for just $99 up-front. The 4GB console comes bundled with a Kinect sensor and two years of Xbox LIVE Gold membership.

But of course, there is a catch. As with all subscription services, there is a monthly fee, which in this case is $14.99. It still sounds like a pretty reasonable deal, right? Until you do the math: Pay $99 up-front plus $15 a month for two years and that Xbox soon works out at $459 in total.

In comparison, you can buy a 4GB Xbox with a Kinect sensor and two years of Xbox LIVE Gold for just $420 up-front, which means you’re stumping up an extra $39 just to take advantage of that subscription. Admittedly, that’s not a huge premium, and for those who can’t find the $420 all at once, it could be the best way to get your hands on a new console. Just bear in mind that there is an early termination fee if you decide to end your subscription early.

The offer is currently available through Microsoft’s own retail stores throughout the United States, and you’ll need to print off a coupon to take advantage of it. Microsoft insists this is only a promotional offer that won’t be available forever, and though it advertises no expiry date, it does say the offer may be terminated at any time.

Many believe this offer is way for Microsoft to gauge consumer interest in a subscription-based model for its consoles. If it turns out to be a popular offer, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a permanent subscription model for the Xbox.

Would you be interested in a $99 Xbox 360 on subscription?

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