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Create Your Perfect Atmosphere With Ambiance, Now Available On Android [Video]

Ambiance is an incredible “environment enhancer” for smartphones that was named one of the most downloaded iPad apps of all time back in January 2011. It made its debut on iOS, but today it has arrived on Android, and I highly recommend you check it out.

If you have trouble sleeping or you simply want to relax, you can use Ambiance to play one of over 2,500 soothing sounds. There’s something for everyone, whether you like to hear waves crashing on the shore, heavy rain, the exotic animals in the Amazon rainforest, whistling wind, or even the sound of a kettle boiling.

Choose from over 2500 free sounds, exclusive to Ambiance, to download and listen to, create customized sound mixes, cycle through playlists and much, much more. With new quality sounds added each week, as well as the addition of customer recordings, Ambiance continues to provide the best way to change your environment. Ambiance is like a free iTunes for Ambient sounds.

While it may sound like a novelty app, Ambiance really is amazing, and I can bear witness to that: When our second daughter was born just over a year ago, she had trouble sleeping and we found that using Ambiance with the sound of a washing machine (honest!) helped soothe her to sleep. The same trick has worked wonders with our youngest daughter, who is now 10 weeks old.

Ambiance on Android

Ambiance for Android is $2.99 and you can download it now from Google Play or the Amazon Appstore. Alternatively, you can grab it for the same price for your iPhone and iPad from the App Store. This is one app you’ll use time and time again.

Killian Bell

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