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Popular Free Calling App Viber Now Available on BlackBerry & Windows Phone

Viber on Windows Phone and BlackBerry

Viber, a popular service that provides free calls and messages to smartphone users, has extended its reach to the BlackBerry and Windows Phone platforms today with an official application that will initially be in beta. It joins the Viber apps already available to Android and iOS devices, which currently boast over 70 million users worldwide.

There is one (rather large) caveat, however. Because it’s in beta, Viber won’t actually support free calling on BlackBerry and Windows Phone just yet, but it will support free messaging and photo sharing between other users on any platform. Free calling will make its way to the final release version of the app.

The reason the app made its debut without free calling, according to The Next Web, is that Viber wanted to provide support for BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices quickly because it was being bombarded by so many requests for support for these platforms. However, Viber maintains that it won’t provide free calling until it meets the company’s “quality standards.”

Viber’s CEO, Talmon Marco, said that Viber wants to make it possible for all users — no matter which device they’re using — to communicate with each other for free via the Internet:

“We believe if you’re connected to the Internet, you should be able to enjoy a free, high-quality communications experience, and Viber is working to make it possible for users of all mobile products to communicate with each other.”

While Viber is yet to mention when free calling might arrive, it’s clearly a popular feature. Existing users talk for more than 1 billion minutes per month, while 7 million calls are made on a daily basis.

Have you tried the Viber beta for BlackBerry or Windows Phone?

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