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Photo Captured by Project Glass Makes Me Wish I Was a Kid

by Brandon Russell | May 8, 2012May 8, 2012 7:30 pm PST

Project Glass pictureGoogle’s Project Glass — if the technology lives up to its potential — looks well on its way to changing the way people interact with the world. If nothing else, it’ll help parents capture awesome moments like this.

While testing a prototype outside the office, Sebastian Thrun, one of the Google’s project leaders, snapped a photo with results that probably surprised even Google. Let’s call this, “First Person Parenting.” The picture perfectly displays what it’s like to be a dad, what it’s like to be a son, and how incredibly fun it is to be twirled around in circles. Just look at that kid’s smile!

Google wants to know what kind of moment you’d capture “if you didn’t have to wait to pull out a camera or your phone.”

Chime in, Buffalo.

[via Google+]

Brandon Russell

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