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What Facebook Makes Off Of You

Facebook may have had a bad quarter, but it’s not exactly a fail by any yardstick. It boasts 901 million users and $1.058 billion in revenue, making it the web’s most popular social network.

TechCrunch did some math on this and figured out, if the network keeps its popularity and revenue up, it would make $4.69–4.81 per user annually. Doesn’t sound like much, but again — when you’re talking about 900+million accounts, that’s not exactly chump change.

As for how it’s earning these coins, most of the credit goes to, of course, advertising, which accounted for $872 million. Facebook credits and payments, however, are accounting for a bigger portion, going from $94 million last year to $186 million.

No wonder Zuck and the crew can afford its shopping spree lately, ponying up for Instagram and those AOL patents.

For more about Facebook’s earnings and other financial notes, hit up the source link.

[via TechCrunch]


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