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MobileMe Customers Get 20GB iCloud Storage For Free Until September 30

MobileMeMobileMe customers who upgrade to iCloud are being handed a free 20GB storage boost from Apple as part of the Cupertino company’s push for its new cloud service. The offer was set to last until June 30 — the date MobileMe meets its death — but it has now been extended until September 30.

That gives MobileMe subscribers who previously paid $99 per year for the service an additional three months to claim their free storage, which is added to the 5GB that all iCloud users receive as standard. Those who paid extra for additional MobileMe storage will get 50GB of iCloud space. This comes in handy if you’re using iCloud to backup your iOS devices.

Of course, switching to iCloud means you’ll lose iDisk, which is likely the feature you used all of your MobileMe storage for. While iCloud does have its alternatives, such as Documents in the Cloud and Photo Stream, you may miss the ability to store almost any file in a cloud-based locker for access from any of your devices.

Those who don’t want to lose that functionality may want to combine their iCloud accounts with storage services from the likes of Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box, which allow you to store and sync any file between your Mac, PC, and iOS devices.

Have you switched from MobileMe to iCloud yet?

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