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Minecraft for Xbox 360 has Invisible Walls, Smaller Worlds (Video)

A small part of the allure for Minecraft is the game’s immense size. For the PC platform, it’s practically infinite. The world is procedurally generated, so unexplored lands build as you explore them. You can basically walk out into one direction forever and see the world grow as you move. Walk too far, however, and things get sloppy.

After posting our “We Play” for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition over the weekend, I was pinged on Twitter (@JoeyDavidson). @Chuck_Boswort contacted me and indicated that he had heard and seen from others that the world of the game was only as big as the small, physical map you’re provided with at the onset.

He was, in fact, correct. Tip o’ the hat to him for that!

At the head of this post is my trek out to the game’s border. It takes something like three minutes to reach, so know that these worlds are small. I’ll be using the video as part of a review for another site (, so you might see it pop up again.

What do you think of the size limitations for Minecraft on the Xbox 360? Is this a deal-breaker for you?

Joey Davidson

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