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Handy iPad Typing Concept Now Available to Jailbreakers Through Cydia

Remember that awesome concept for text editing on the iPad that we showed you last Friday? Just as we expected, hackers have now turned it into a fully functional tweak for jailbroken iPads, and it’s available to download now from Cydia.

If you didn’t see last Friday’s story, here’s how the concept works: While typing on the iPad, swiping a finger across its virtual keyboard will move your cursor around the screen, allowing you to amend those typos and errors without that fiddly tap and hold gesture. Swiping with two fingers does the same thing, but it makes the cursor move quicker.

Hold down shift while you’re swiping and you can select text, making it easier than ever to cut and copy words, sentences, and paragraphs.

The concept was designed by Daniel Chase Hooper, and you can watch his demonstration video above to see the tweak in action. Although it’s such a simple change to the iPad’s keyboard, it’s one that makes text editing a whole lot easier on a touchscreen, and we’re all hoping that it will become an official feature in iOS 6.

Until then, those of you with a jailbroken iPad can introduce the tweak yourself (for free!) thanks to developer Kyle Howells; simply search for “SwipeSelection” within Cydia to find it. It also works well on the iPhone, but selecting text is a little tricky because of the handset’s smaller shift key.

Will you be using SwipeSelection on your iOS device?

[via iDownloadBlog]

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