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Google’s Hangouts On Air Lets Users Broadcast Themselves to the World

by Brandon Russell | May 7, 2012May 7, 2012 5:45 pm PDT

Google is making it easier than ever to broadcast your Google+ hangouts live to the Internet world. It’s like a free, Rated PG webcam service integrated with the biggest social network no one is using.

The new service, dubbed Hangouts On Air, gives users the necessary tools to broadcast themselves to anyone who is willing to listen — whether you’re a musician, aspiring chef, or as Google says, a “concerned citizen.”

It actually seems like a really cool feature, and one that is surely open to a lot of awesome possibilities. Each On Air you do is automatically recorded and shared to your YouTube channel, so folks who didn’t see your broadcast live can check it out later.

Hangouts On Air will launch gradually over the next few weeks, Google says, but there are a number of broadcasts you can tune into now, including CBS This Morning, Conan O’Brien and The Nerdist. This, coupled with Google+’s nice redesign, is making the social network that much more tempting.

[via Google]

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