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Apple Files for Ownership of Domain

Liquidmetal iPhone 5

While it’s likely Apple will name its next iPhone “the new iPhone” as opposed to the “iPhone 5” — just like “the new iPad” — the Cupertino company still wishes to take ownership of the domain. It has filed a claim with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in an effort to obtain control from the current owner.

The case, numbered D2012-0951, is still active while WIPO investigates Apple’s claim, but it’s likely the domain will be passed on in the near future.

As things currently stand, points to a small fan forum that is focused on discussions over the next-generation device. According to MacRumors, the forum was launched back in October 2010, just months after the iPhone 4 made its debut.

Apple traditionally wins its battle to take control over domain names — especially when those domains contain one of its trademarks. However, the company has recently been more relaxed over domains related to its products. It took nearly 12 months for Apple to take ownership of, and it didn’t take control of until several weeks after the handset made its debut. The company was forced into obtaining the latter as it was used to forward visitors onto adult websites.

One of the reasons Apple waits until after a product launch to obtain domains is to prevent product names from being revealed early. However, with everyone already talking about the “iPhone 5,” it seems the company feels it should already take control of the name.

What do you think Apple’s next iPhone will be named? I’m betting on “the new iPhone.”

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