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This Simple Concept Makes Text Editing on the iPad a Breeze [Video]

Typing on the iPad’s virtual keyboard is actually a pretty smooth experience. It’s certainly not something you’d want to use all day every day, but for catching up with emails, sending a quick memo, or simple document editing on the go, it’s almost perfect. Almost!

The issue isn’t typing itself, but rather editing text. Moving the cursor around and selecting words, sentences and paragraphs is fiddly and cumbersome at best. But this simple concept from YouTube producer Daniel Chase Hooper changes that.

Hooper has designed a great way of navigating your way around text on an iPad, and it works incredibly well. You simply slide your finger across your iPad’s keyboard to move the cursor around the screen, and you can slide with two fingers to move it even faster. Hold shift while you’re sliding and you can select text.

Hooper demonstrates the concept in the video above and encourages users to send a feature request to Apple to make it official in a future iOS release. I’d certainly be happy to see that, wouldn’t you?

[via iDownloadBlog]

Killian Bell

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