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The Elder Scrolls Online Announced by way of Trailer

by Joey Davidson | May 4, 2012May 4, 2012 7:30 am PST

The trailer itself won’t feature any actual gameplay or cutscenes; instead, be treated to good old fashioned voice over and the slow panning shots of armor and metal dragon-esque stuff.

Word has it that this game will look more like Rift┬áthan Skyrim, and we won’t be seeing any dragons or in-game romance.

If you find yourselves super interested in The Elder Scrolls Online, the fine folks at Game Informer will be rocking an information hub for exclusive features and reveals as this month rolls on. The game is their most recent cover story.

The title is being developed by ZeniMax Online and is set to launch in 2013 for both the PC and Mac platforms.

Are you folks psyched for Bethesda’s stab at an Elder Scrolls┬áMMO? Or, are you a little afraid of what might come of one of gaming’s best brands?

Joey Davidson

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