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Twitter Considered Buying Camera+ After Facebook’s Instagram Purchase

by Mark Hearn | May 2, 2012May 2, 2012 5:30 pm PST

After Facebook agreed to pay $1 billion for Instagram, Twitter turned its attentions to the popular iPhone app Camera+. Bloomberg recently reported that Twitter executives met with the app’s developer  Tap Tap Tap in hopes of acquiring the company. However, the idea fell apart before Twitter could make an offer due to the developer not wanting to relocate to San Francisco, California.

Like Instagram, Camera+ offers a variety of camera tweaks, filters and the ability to share images via social media outlets. Unlike Instagram, which is free and available on both iOS and Android, Camera+ will costs $1 and is exclusive to iOS.

Perhaps Camera+ was being viewed as a consolation prize as Twitter may have had some interest in purchasing Instagram according to a recent report from the New York Times last month. Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey invested in Instagram and had been known to frequently use the service to share pictures. Dorsey even stated in an interview that Instagram had more in common with Twitter than Facebook, commenting how people frequently use both platforms to share items instantly from their mobile phones.

It’s rumored that Dorsey helped lead the talks with Tap Tap Tap and that Twitter’s Chief Executive Officer Dick Costolo wasn’t involved. Oddly enough, Costolo recently told reporters in Japan that Twitter would not alter its strategy by buying an Instagram competitor to try and counter Facebook. Currently Camera+ has racked up around 7.5 million downloads from Apple’s App Store in about two years. Instagram, which released four months later now has over 50 million users spread across both Android and iOS.

[via: Bloomberg]

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