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Nokia Hands Out 17,000 Lumia Devices to Windows Phone Developers

Nokia is determined to do its bit to bolster the Windows Phone Marketplace, so much so that it is giving Windows Phone developers free Lumia devices. The Finnish firm has now handed out over 17,000 handsets in total, but it’s hoping to increase that to 25,000 in the near future.

Nokia’s pledge, which was announced at Nokia World back in October, is designed to encourage developers to build applications for Windows Phone devices. While Microsoft’s platform has received plenty of praise since its debut, one of its biggest weaknesses is that it doesn’t offer anywhere near as many apps as its biggest rivals, Android and iOS.

Of course, now that Nokia has devoted its future to Windows Phone, it is in the company’s best interests to do all it can to promote its growth. Of its 25,000 target, it has now sent 17,000 devices to developers, according to Marco Agrenti, Nokia’s Senior Vice President of Developer Experience and Marketplace.

During an interview with FierceDeveloper, Agrenti also noted that Nokia has teamed up with Microsoft to hold hundreds of developer events all around the world, with 600 already planned between January and July. 100 of which will be based in the United States.

Agrenti revealed that along with these events and the free devices, the popularity of the Lumia 900 in the U.S. has also attracted developers to the Windows Phone platform.

If you’re an app developer, are you developing for Windows Phone yet?

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