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Flexible Pipe Cleaner-like Camera Concept Bends the Mind

by Mike Perlman | May 2, 2012May 2, 2012 8:00 pm PDT

all_round_camera6I’ve seen some fairly farfetched camera concepts in my time., but I’ve never seen anything like designer Arti Patel’s All.Round SLR Camera concept. Resembling an earthworm that got it on with a periscope, the All.Round SLR concept is made out of a cylindrical wire mesh body with an interchangeable lens at one end and viewfinder/circuitry at the other end.

According to Patel,

The meshed body is expandable and collapsible and is controlled by body holders, making this SLR a lightweight & portable camera to carry around for daily use. The OLED screen at the back lets the users do unlimited framing, as it stretches out in multiple directions (i.e. for landscape pictures, it becomes wider while taking pictures helping photographers to shot in scenes). This SLR Camera solves the current gap in Camera design, and fulfills the very basic needs and answers to daily frustrations of photographers.

That’s a bit of a stretch, and I wonder how Patel plans on aligning the camera’s sensor with the lens. Furthermore, how will the photographer see through the viewfinder when the camera is twisted like a balloon animal? Obviously, there are a lot of technical formalities that need to be addressed, but it’s clear that Patel is gauging interest on this concept.

Personally, I really don’t see how the camera will transcend anything past novelty status, given the foreboding digital camera market rife with droves of DSLR diehards. Unless you’re a spy and need a camera to shoot around corners with, I don’t see the All.Round SLR catching on. But, who knows. Lytro gained immense popularity despite its unconventional design, thanks to its innovative imaging technology. In the land of digital cameras, image quality trumps all, so if Patel can equip the All.Round with revolutionary imaging hardware, then it might stand a chance.

But for now, the All.Round looks like part of an exhaust header pipe.

Mike Perlman

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