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Nokia Issues Volume Fix for Lumia 800

Nokia Lumia 800

Although the Lumia 800 launched with its fair share of technical troubles, you have to give credit to Nokia for working quickly to fix them. The Windows Phone-powered device has been available for just five months now, and today it gets its fourth major update.

This release — version 12072 — addresses a pesky volume bug that was introduced with the most recent firmware update (12070), which caused the handset’s volume to fluctuate at random. It also improves the performance of the device’s camera application, allowing it to automatically detect 50Hz or 60Hz flickering from lights using flicker reduction.

Furthermore, the update improves the Lumia 800’s power management, introducing better charge recognition.

The update is making its way to users this morning, according to PocketNow, but Nokia is yet to announce when it will be available for all. The Finnish firm’s website still hasn’t been updated, and still lists version 12070 as the latest software.

Have you received your Lumia 800 update yet?

[via PocketNow]

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