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Sorry, Samsung! It Was RIM That Staged the Embarrassing ‘Wake Up’ Protest Against Apple

by Killian Bell | April 30, 2012April 30, 2012 3:00 am PDT

Late last week, a coach-load of protestors dressed in black pulled up outside an Apple retail store in Sydney, Australia, and began chanting “Wake Up!” to employees and customers inside. They had signs that also read “Wake Up,” and the message was plastered onto the side of their coach.

Many — including myself — were quick to assume that this was the latest marketing stunt from Samsung. The Korean has famously taken aim at Apple, its iPhone, and its customers in recent adverts for its family of Galaxy devices. An Australian blogger strengthened our theory by tracing the campaign back to a creative studio called Tongue, which reportedly works with Samsung.

However, Samsung was quick to deny that it was behind the embarrassing stunt, and it now appears that BlackBerry maker Research in Motion could be the culprit. James Croft from the Mactalk Podcast has done some digging around in the source code for the “Wake Up” website. Macworld Australia reports:

James Croft, from our Mactalk Podcast, and our sister website, looked through the source code of the Wake Up page and spotted something interesting:


This bit is relevant:


That SRC value is a Doubleclick account identifier. Throw that back into Google:…ick%22+2215527

…and you get a bunch of hits on the RIM AU website.

So, rather ironically, it appears that it’s RIM, a company that is quickly sinking thanks to devices like the iPhone, is calling for Apple — currently the world’s most successful company — to “Wake Up!” Yeah… I’m still scratching my head, too.

According to an anonymous source for Macworld Australia, the countdown on the Wake Up website points to the release of BlackBerry OS 10 at 12:30 p.m. PDT on July 2.

What do you think to RIM’s bold marketing campaign?

[via Macworld Australia]

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