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PC Vendors Under ‘Great Pressure’ to Produce Windows 8 PCs That No One Can Afford

Windows 8 notebook

PC vendors are reportedly under “great pressure” to produce Windows 8 notebooks and ultrabooks that will prove to be too expensive for the majority of the market. Microsoft’s decision to promote the new operating system’s touch-friendly approach and the cost of the software itself are said to be pushing PC prices “out of the mainstream level.”

According to a DigiTimes report citing sources from the “upstream supply chain,” Microsoft’s focus on touch-based technology means that vendors are being pressured into introducing the expensive technology in future Windows 8 notebooks and ultrabooks. This, along with the price of the Windows 8 software itself, will make future Windows laptops very expensive.

Since ultrabook prices are still unable to drop to a desirable level, while notebooks that feature Windows 8 are likely to increase in costs due to Microsoft greatly promoting the software’s touchscreen capabilities, while the software will continue to remain at a high price , PC vendors are currently facing great pressure as strong demand may not emerge as they originally expected.

Sources also noted that the issue is exacerbated by Intel’s decision not to sacrifice its profits in an effort to reduce the price of its notebook processors, and vendors’ inability to sell their products at a loss. “Even through ultrabooks are expected to greatly boost consumer demand, plans can only be postponed to a later time,” the report claims.

Ultimately, this means that demand for these devices won’t be anywhere near as strong as expected during 2013.

However, not everyone wants a notebook with a touchscreen. Personally, I don’t see a need for touch-based notebooks right now, and I certainly wouldn’t pay a premium for one, despite Windows 8’s touch-friendly focus. I’d much prefer to purchase an ultrabook with a reasonable price tag without touchscreen technology.

Wouldn’t you?

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