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Jury Deliberation Begins in Oracle vs. Google Infringement Case

by Brandon Russell | April 30, 2012April 30, 2012 5:45 pm PST

Google OracleClosing arguments have been made, and now the fate of the Oracle vs. Google trial rests in juror hands. Deliberation began on Monday, Reuters reported, to decide whether or not Google is liable to pay $1 billion in damages for violating Oracle’s Java patents.

Oracle, which paid more than $7 billion to buy Sun Microsystems, has argued that the Java programming is incorporated in Google’s Android OS. To build a case, Oracle called upon evidence in which Google executives, including Eric Schmidt, Andy Rubin and Tim Lindholm, discuss how the search giant “needed to acquire a license from Sun for the use of Java in Android,” The Verge wrote.

Google attorney Robert Van Nest claimed that, because Oracle was unable to develop a smartphone of its own, the company is resorting to pursuing the search giant. In addition, Van Nest argued de minimis, which in Latin means about minimal things. Although Google did fess up to using nine lines of Java code in Android’s file, that’s out of 15 million lines. Ergo, de minimis.

The jury is expected to reach a decision sometime this week.

[via Reuters, The Verge]

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