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Honda Working on Anti-Traffic Jam Technology

by Mike Perlman | April 29, 2012April 29, 2012 2:00 pm PST


We’ve seen Lane Detection, Automatic Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control and now Honda wants to battle the grueling gridlock. That’s right, folks. Honda claims it can boost traffic jam speeds by a staggering 23% while providing an 8% improvement in fuel economy, thanks to the new system being developed.

Although this technology is in its early stages and we most likely won’t see it integrated in vehicles until next year, Honda is laying the groundwork. According to the company, the system works by detecting the potential for traffic and analyzing “whether the driving pattern of the vehicle is likely to create traffic jams.” This is ultimately determined by detecting the driver’s acceleration and deceleration patterns. Encouraging or discouraging information will then be showcased on a multicolored dash display, prompting the driver to drive more efficiently.

Chevy-Volt-Full-DashThis sounds a bit like the happy little green ball in the Chevy Volt’s dash. In order to drive at maximum efficiency, the driver must keep the ball centered in the digital bar. Harsh acceleration or braking will lead to a red, angry ball that’s flying out of the bar.

While this system seems more like a learning tool for drivers rather than a semi-autonomous feature, Honda is planning on testing a cloud connectivity element in order to interlink drivers. This would relay similar traffic condition information to all drivers in the cloud and Honda even claims that fuel economy would improve by another 4%.

Honda plans to test its traffic busting technology next month in Italy.

[Via: Left Lane]

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