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Sprint Galaxy Nexus Having Issues Connecting to 3G; Fix Incoming

by Brandon Russell | April 27, 2012April 27, 2012 6:00 pm PDT

Sprint Samsung Galaxy NexusIt sounds like Sprint’s iteration of the Galaxy Nexus has run into a snag. Reports on the carrier’s community forums suggest the device is awash with problems connecting to the carrier’s 3G network, though not everyone is experiencing the issue. Wi-Fi still apparently works on devices that can’t connect to Sprint’s 3G, but that isn’t much consolation for folks constantly on the go, especially since Sprint’s 4G LTE footprint is still very small. The good news is that the carrier is aware a problem exists, and is working to come up with a fix. “Can’t commit to a date yet, but [Sprint is] trying really hard to get [the fix] released early next week,” one moderator in the Sprint forums said. It doesn’t appear to be hardware related, but reports indicate that several Galaxy Nexus owners were able to swap out their faulty units.

[via Android Police]

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