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Multifunctional iPhone Case Does A Lot At Once

by Adriana Lee | April 27, 2012April 27, 2012 9:00 pm PST

If the Rechargeable iPhone Speaker Amplifier Case was a person, it would probably have a nervous breakdown. Lucky for users, it’s an incredibly handy, not-too-shabby-looking inanimate object that should feel no anxiety at the epic load of multitasking you put it through.

The name may be a mouthful, but so are the features. It offers device protection plus a rechargeable battery, a speaker with amplifier and a built-in stand. The battery is 1500 mAh, which can basically double the life of an iPhone 4/4S, and the speaker comes with an integrated 10x amplification subwoofer.

You might think something this multifunctional has to be both pricey and bulky, but it’s not. While it’s not the skinniest case, it’s actually fairly svelte given everything that’s packed in there. And at $40, the fact that it won’t break the bank makes this one of the most appealing i-products I’ve seen.

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[via ChipChick, source Distinctive Style]

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