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Sony Sends Your Photos & Videos Into the Cloud With New PlayMemories Online Service

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Well, it’s official: Every big company wants its own cloud-based storage service. Less than 24 hours after Google (finally!) announced Google Drive, Sony has revealed that it has its own storage service to offer, one which promises to give you “any time, any device” access to all your photos and videos.

The service is called PlayMemories Online, and it’s aimed at those who use a number of Sony-branded devices, such as its smartphones, tablets, TVs, and games consoles. It’s not like traditional cloud-based storage services, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, because it focuses solely on photos and videos, and ensuring you have them with you whenever and wherever you want them.

Here’s how the service works: You capture precious moments on your digital camera, camcorder, smartphone, or tablet; then you upload them to your PlayMemories Online account — either from your PC, or with the free PlayMemories app for Android and iOS. You don’t need to format them, convert them, or resize them, Sony says. “PlayMemories Online takes care of everything.”

Once they’re securely stored in the cloud, you can access your content from almost any Internet-connected device, including your PC, smartphone, tablet, PlayStation 3, BRAVIA TV, or S-Frame digital photo frame. The service also allows you to send ‘postcards’ to your friends via email, and share links to your photos and videos with your friends.

The service is part of the Sony Entertainment Network (previously the PlayStation Network) and it offers 5GB of storage completely free of charge.

While PlayMemories Online may not be a full-featured cloud storage service like the ones I mention above, it sounds like it’s going to be hugely popular for those who just want to ensure they always have access to their photos and videos. Without access to the likes of Dropbox on a PlayStation 3 or BRAVIA TV, PlayMemories Online could be big.

Will you use it?

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