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Nintendo 3DS System Update Brings Folders, Overhauled eShop, Game Updating

The Nintendo 3DS has received a new software update today, which was first announced during last week’s Nintendo Direct conference live-stream. Available to gamers worldwide, this release adds the ability to organize your home screen items into folders, and offers some nifty new features.

You can now organize your home screen and make navigation a great deal easier by organizing your apps, games, and videos into folders — each of which can hold up to 60 items. The console’s eShop has also received an overhaul, introducing a new user interface that features a recommendation system offering up new apps and games based on your previous purchases.

However, arguably its biggest new feature is the ability to update your 3DS software. Now, this isn’t available to all titles, according to VG24/7, but those that are compatible can now receive patches, bug fixes, and new content. The first titles to receive an update will be Mario Kart 7, which will get a patch around mid-May to correct the Maka Wuhu shortcut exploit.

Have you updated your 3DS yet?

[via VG24/7]

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